Our CEO Ricardo Alba Torres Winner of the Cisco Youth Leadership Award

Store grey water from the shower to use in toilets.

Red Bull is one of the companies that places its trust in the initiatives undertaken by Eko Group through the Ekomuro H2O+ system.

The urban garden now features its own rainwater collection and purification system.

The Ekomuro Urban Concept, the new initiative by the Eko Group H2O+ team to harvest rainwater.

Eko Group H2O+, Postobón, Recon, Reckitt, and One Young World are continuing their efforts to provide clean drinking water to educational institutions.

You can now download our 2022 social impact report conducted with Reckitt!

The District Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD) is taking measures against climate change in Bogotá by installing Ekomuros in 8 coliseums.

We have launched a step-by-step manual with detailed instructions for the construction of the Ekomuro H2O+ rainwater collection system.

We have been chosen to receive the Fenalco Solidario Colombia Award in the Innovation category.

We made it on the cover of the One Young World’s Anual Report. Go check our section on SDG 6.

The Eko Shower: A new product being developed in Eko Group H2O+ to reuse the water from showers.

Eko Group H2O+ and Reckitt Colombia, in collaboration with the Jera Foundation and the "Proyecto Génesis", installed an Ekomuro H2O+ system

With the support of El Dorado Airport, we are making an impact in the community of Engativá and its surroundings.

Eko Group H2O+ installed one of its Ekomuros systems at the Reckitt production plant located in Cali, Colombia.

KPIs of the projects implemented with new clients from the improvements on sales, promotion, and marketing strategies.

Thanks to Reckitt the automation of the construction processes of Eko Technologies is now a reality.

We've partnered with Postobon, Recon, Reckitt, and One Young World to deliver clean drinking water to schools in Villavicencio, Meta.