Together with Reckitt we are building a stronger, more sustainable, and fairer world

Eko Group
September 29, 2022


Eko Group H2O+ installedone of its Ekomuros systems at the Reckitt production plant located in Cali,Colombia. Its objective is to promote the efficient use of water, throughtriple impact eco-sustainable practices. The installed Ekomuro tank has astorage capacity of 500 liters and the main use of the harvested water will befor the maintenance and cleaning of the facilities and irrigation of gardens.

This collaborative and co-creation model between sectors demonstrates the power and strength of generating alliances between different actors in the ecosystem for the creationof successful projects that generate effective solutions to the country'ssocial and environmental problems.

Our partnership with Reckitt and One Young World is bringing sustainable water supply, improved sanitation,and better hygiene to vulnerable communities in Colombia. For this reason, thelogo of our main partner is present in each of our Eko Technologies.



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