OYW Impact Report 2021

Eko Group
September 29, 2022


Eko Group H2O+ was featuredin the OYW 2021 impact report, the organization highlighted the effort,scalability and impact that the startup has had after winning the LEAD 2030award, being also mentioned in the official global impact video produced andexhibited at the OYW 2022 event in Manchester.

“There have also beensignificant changes in the organisation’s strategies, particularly inmarketing. The organisation’s elevated profile has also led to a drasticincrease in its online audience, growing on its social media channels from5,000 to 42,000 followers. Reckitt has also assisted with the re-design processthat has led to an entirely new appearance and design for the product, makingit more appealing to customers. The focus on where these clients come from hasalso changed, with Reckitt identifying greater potential in shifting to a B-2-Bmodel.” OYW



Nuestro CEO Ricardo Alba Torres ganador del Premio de Liderazgo Juvenil Cisco

Recupera el agua gris de la ducha para usarla en los sanitarios

Redbull una de las empresas que confía en las acciones realizadas desde Eko Group a través del sistema Ekomuro H2O+

La huerta urbana que ahora cuenta con su propio sistema de recolección y potabilización de agua lluvia.