The development and improvement of our products

Eko Group
September 29, 2022


Eko Group H2O+ is currentlyin the aesthetic redesign stage of the Eko Shower H2O+ system, a product thatallows 26% optimization of gray water use in urban housing and can be installedand adapted (thanks to its modular design) in any bathroom. In this process, weare also being supported by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and the companyOxford Product Design.

A new product is beingdeveloped in Eko Group H2O+, our goal is that all people have a culture ofcorrect use of water, starting from the concept for harvesting rainwaterEkomuro H2O+, the Ekomuro Washer is born, a tank designed for reuse and therecirculation of gray water from the washing machine, reusing it for cleaningtasks, or again a new washing cycle.

The product is in its first stage of development, but we hope it will become one of our company's flagshipsB2C products.



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