Acquisition of machinery and equipment to automate processes

Eko Group
September 29, 2022


Thanks to Reckitt theautomation of the construction processes of Eko Technologies is now a realityin Eko Group H2O+, our construction workshop is now organized, it has tapesthat delimit each of the spaces where specific tasks are carried out, such ascutting material, the drilling area, the assembly area among others, which hastripled the efficiency of our collaborators. Currently about 25 Ekomuro tanksare being produced weekly.

In the same way, we haveacquired heavy tools that streamline critical processes in the production lineof the Ekomuro system, namely tree drills, circular saws, and industrialpresses. Likewise, the acquisition of worktables, industrial organizers ofmaterials, and tool pantries have made it possible to have a much moreprofessional construction workshop than before this support was received.



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